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Natural Calamity

Project: Natural Calamity Category: Photography — Natural Calamity is an ongoing quest to find cool compositions that occur naturally in the world. — Photography:...
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Acid Dooodles

Project: Acid Dooodles Category: Illustration — Every Acid Dooodle starts with a blank grid and a rule. The rule acts as a...
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LRG x Chris B. Murray

Client: Lifted Research Group Category: Promotional Video — We created a promotional video for Chris B. Murray's "Re-Illustrated Classics-Paying Homage to the Golden...
Client: John Doe - DB Expert

When he starts work with me, I wasn't sure he can do all my requirements, in a professional way, cus I know my system isn't that easy, it some how like a banking system, with many tiny details, Thanks.

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Length of Stay: January 2016 - April 2016 Category: Photography — Adventures in  Japan. — Photography: Nick...
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The DOOM Jersey

Project: King's Crown DOOM Capsule Category: Clothing Drop, Fall 2014 — King's Crown released a limited edition baseball jersey paying homage to hip hop...
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Expansion Plan

Project: Expansion Plan Category: Illustration, Screen Print — Expansion Plan is a series of five screenprints on wood. Hover over the image with...